Serving Community

Find out what it looks like to serve a community group, whether in a leadership capacity, hosting, leading worship, or connecting with newcomers. 

Lead a Community Group

As our church grows, so does our community’s need for leaders. Community Group Leaders are those who have a passion for pursuing God, pursuing people, and pursuing purpose. The steps towards leadership are attending the Invitation to Leadership Seminar, interviewing with a regional coach, and filling out a leader application. You also need to be a PCC member (or in the process of becoming one). If you are interested or have any questions about leading or hosting a Community Group, please contact Esther Park at

Volunteer with Community Groups

Community Groups gather in homes around Los Angeles to know and care for one another, wrestle with Scripture together, pray, and compel one another towards a life of mission in their neighborhood. To serve in Los Angeles with your Community Group, click here.