The Gospel Story

At PCC, we believe the Bible is God’s Word, and it deserves nothing less than believers who can study it properly, “rightly handling the word of God” (II Tim 2:15)

Many believers struggle to understand the bible or recognize the basic tenets of the Christian faith. Various pieces have been learned here and there, but not integrated into a larger story or system of beliefs.

In order to equip and build up others (Ephesians 4:11-12), PCC offers a variety of online courses.

The Gospel Story – Training Disciples

  • Part One: Old Testament Survey

A 13-week overview of how the Gospel story began in Creation and moved in the lives of Abraham, Moses, the Judges, Kings, & Prophets over a 2000-year timeframe. The material is taught by R.C. Sproul, Rankin Wilbourne, and other noted scholars. Participants will devote two hours per week, with guidance from instructors, discovering the long historical arc of the Gospel truth in each week’s lesson. The class is meant to help us see the coherent story of Scriptures, and how our own stories of Christ’s redemption are told on all of its pages.

For more information, contact Tom Ramsey:

  • Part Two: New Testament Survey
  • Part Three: Christian Doctrine

The Gospel Story – Growing Disciples

  • Part Four: Barriers to Belief (Objections Adressed) | Workshop Style
  • Part Five: Navigating Difficult Subjects (God’s will, doubts, suffering, guilt, forgiveness, anxiety, anger, depression, assurance) | Workshop Style
  • Part Six: Developing Christian Character (Works of the Flesh & Fruit of the Spirit) | Devotional, Workshop Style

Quotes from Past Participants

“I’m excited to learn more about His [Jesus’] life in a more detailed way and with all the background we learned from the OT study, and to be able to have conversations about why I believe what I believe with more grounded knowledge.”

“I see how the gospel is embedded there [even in the earliest parts of the story]…and to interpret the foreshadowing of Christ’s work, and his redemption on our behalf over sin.”

“The fact that God rested on the seventh day is meaningful to me, and is one of the most encouraging to me in remaining in my faith…I gained so much peace in my life once I understood and embraced this, and this helped me realize even more firmly that God created me in his likeness and for his glory…”