Reconciliation Resources

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  • A Daily Examen for Living as an Antiracist Person (HERE)
  • Roots by Ashlee Eiland (HERE)


  • Jordan Rice (African-American pastor of Renaissance Church in Harlem) preached a sermon on “Injustice in a Pandemic” (HERE)
  • Rich Villodas (pastor of New Life Fellowship in Elmhurst, Queens) gave a powerful message connecting the fire that came down on Pentecost to the fires that have arisen in response to injustice in our country (HERE).
  • Esau McCaulley (African-American professor of theology and biblical studies at Wheaton, author of the forthcoming Reading While Black: African-American Biblical Interpretation as an Exercise in Hope, and an Anglican priest) shared this holy wisdom in Christianity Today (HERE)
  • Racism and Corporate Evil: A White Guy’s Perspective by Tim Keller: HERE

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