In-Person Outdoor Sunday Services

PCC is having in-person, outdoor Sunday services at 10AM. Click the button below to register. We’ll also livestream the worship service online from our website and Boxcast at 10AM.

You must register for each in-person service you plan on attending. We will update you with any important information regarding the service.

A NOTE ABOUT INCLEMENT WEATHER: If it is raining or if there is a high likelihood of poor weather for that morning, we will send both an email and a push notification (through our PCC APP) on Sunday morning by 8:00am if the decision is made to shift to a fully online service.

WANT TO SERVE ON SUNDAYS? We have opportunities to serve in the following areas: Set-Up, Check-in and Greeting. Contact to sign-up.

In-Person Worship Guidelines




Wear Mask Over Nose and Mouth


Social Distance


Food & Drink Are Not Allowed


Stay Home if You Feel Sick

What To Expect


Parking is available at the Civc Center structure

Validation will not be provided

Temperature Checks Will be Required


Restrooms Are Available

Kids and student ministries continue to meet online only

The nursery will not be open


Stadium-Style Seating; Bring Your Own Seat Cushion/Blanket and Hat/Umbrella for Shade

Socially distanced prayer will be available after the service


Map of Samohi

Santa Monica High School
601 Pico Blvd. Santa Monica, CA 90405

NOTE: The only entrance to campus is off of 4th street. The entrance off of Michigan Ave will be closed.

Frequently Asked Questions


Why are you choosing to resume in-person worship gatherings now?

Our goal has always been to meet together again as a congregation as soon as it was reasonably and thoughtfully appropriate — as well as in line with city and government mandates.  In part, this meant waiting for the City of Santa Monica to allow us to meet at SaMoHi.  As elders, our priority is caring for the health and spiritual well-being of our church.  The opportunity to meet in person is also an opportunity to serve one another and receive communion, which speak to the spiritual health of us all.  However, it’s also critical to be responsible and thoughtful about in-person meetings. We have been slowly rolling out the in-person services to do what we can to meet the high standards (both our own and the government’s) of assuring the health of all who choose to attend, and this has taken time to plan, trial-run and roll out.

Will you continue to stream the online worship service?

Yes. The online worship service will livestream every Sunday starting at 10AM PT.

What happens if it rains or if the weather gets too cold to meet outside and we still can’t meet indoors?

If weather does not permit us to meet in person, we will cancel the service that Sunday and will only offer our online service. Fortunately, we are blessed with great weather here in Los Angeles and so we do not expect to have too many services cancelled due to inclement weather. Be sure to pre-register and enable PCC app notifications for any last minute changes.

Will there be check-in and/or registration?

Yes. Check-in and registration will be required to assure we stay at or below capacity and for contact tracing purposes. We intend to grow our Sunday service capacity (probably weekly) until we hit the limits as mandated by the government.

What steps will you take to minimize the spread of COVID-19? Who will enforce the safety precautions?

We are following the protocol for places of worship outlined by LA County Public Health: Social distancing, registration for capacity and contract tracing purposes, mask requirements, temperature checks and screening questions.

Our hope is that everyone will follow the safety protocols outlined in advance and posted on-site, for the safety and health of all in our community. If someone is not initially willing to follow these safety protocols, Elders, Deacons and/or staff will ask that person, for the safety and comfort of everyone attending, to please follow the safety protocol.

Will there be singing, greeting, communion and prayer?

Yes, these will all take place with proper social distancing. You will receive a communion set from a gloved volunteer at the entrance.

Will there be nursery care available? What about kids/student ministry?

Infants, children and teens are welcome to attend worship service with their families. We will reopen in-person programming to infants, children and teens when we are able to secure a safe environment for all.

Is parking different than before?

Parking is still available at the Civic Center structure, however validation will no longer be provided. The maximum (all day) civic center parking fee is $5.

I’m looking for community, but do not feel comfortable gathering in person. What do you recommend?

We recommend you join one of our community groups. We have coaches available to help you find a group that is a good fit for you. Email: