Members of Pacific Crossroads Church,

This past Sunday, you heard David Cobia’s sermon entitled “New Rhythms for a New Year.” In the spirit of that message, we are excited to share with you all some important new rhythms and organizational structures we are implementing to better serve our community and city.

When our senior pastor, Rankin Wilbourne, was called to lead Pacific Crossroads Church in 2006, few could have imagined what God would do in our community. Rankin came to a congregation of 200 and a staff of 2. Since that time, by God’s grace alone, we have become a church home to 2,500 people and a staff of over 35. This growth has understandably brought a tremendous amount of organizational complexity.

Over the last six months, the elders, pastors, and senior leadership staff of the church have been fasting, praying, and dreaming together about how we can put PCC in a position to have the greatest impact for the Kingdom going forward. The result of our work together is a new team-based leadership model that includes a reorganized Session, a more focused role for Rankin as our Senior Pastor, and some revisions to the way our staff is structured. Below you will find a more detailed explanation of these changes.

  1. A reorganized Session
Pacific Crossroads is a Presbyterian church. The word “Presbyterian” comes from the New Testament Greek word, presbuteros, meaning “elder.” The Presbyterian pattern of church government puts governing authority in the hands of a group of elders (the Session), who are elected to oversee and lead the church alongside the pastors. In order for PCC to thrive going forward, we must have an involved and engaged Session. In order to facilitate that, we have shifted the structure of the Session so that it can be more nimble and can better lead, serve and care. We have created two teams, the Governing Commission and the Shepherding Commission.

A. The Governing Commission is comprised of seven members, including the Senior Pastor, and is charged with the executive oversight of the church. The Governing Commission will be responsible for approving our staff-developed annual ministry plan and ensuring its execution by our staff and volunteers.
B. The Shepherding Commission is charged with the nurture and care of our congregation. The members of this commission will work closely with each of our ministries, our staff, the diaconate, and our small group leaders/coaches to ensure that the people of Pacific Crossroads are known and cared for.

  1. A more focused role for our Senior Pastor
We have been blessed with a Senior Pastor who has extraordinary gifts in communication. Rankin’s role moving forward will allow him to focus on those gifts through preaching, writing, evangelism, and pastoral ministry. The restructuring of our session (and our staff – see below) enables us to free Rankin from operational and administrative tasks. As a member of the governing commission, he will continue to help set the overall vision, direction and strategy of our church. In addition, we are encouraging Rankin to share his voice more widely through occasional preaching at other churches and doing more writing.
  1. Revisions to our staff organizational structure
The senior staff and elders have worked closely together to design an organizational structure that promotes collaboration and teamwork. This includes a newly-formed senior staff leadership team, and the division of operational responsibilities into four areas: Ministry, Mission, Care, and Operations.  The new structure will also allow all our pastors to focus more on pastoral work, and sets us up for a future trajectory that will provide better pastoral care for our congregation.

We the elders want to thank you for your support and prayers and look forward to continuing to partner with you in God’s work in this city. We are very excited about the opportunities in front of us as we work together as a congregation to reach our city for Christ.