PCC Congregational Meetings

Meeting Details

Pacific Crossroads Church recently held a series of three meetings this summer on July 20th, August 10th and August 22nd, to discuss a petition presented in March of 2020 (and then put on hold because of the pandemic) to gain congregational clarity on the events in our church surrounding Rankin Wilbourne’s pastoral transition and to consider the continuance of our ongoing denominational affiliation with the Presbyterian Church in America (PCA).

Meeting #4 – September 12, 2021

Letter from Paul Hahn:

We concluded our cycle of congregational conversations and meetings that we began in June, all stemming from the congregational petition from February 2020. The meeting went very smoothly for the most part. Once again, a spirit of peace and graciousness were spread over our time by Christ’s Spirit, even with some vocal concerns expressed. We did have a quorum; many thanks to all of you who came out and made that possible. I and other leaders were encouraged that even more of you showed up than last time to engage the question of our affiliation with the Presbyterian Church in America (PCA) . Thank you for the commitment to Christ and his church that this demonstrates. After two short presentations — one by Tom Ramsey to support leaving the PCA and one by elder Glyn Milburn to support staying in the PCA — the question was called and a vote was taken by ballot. 155 people voted to stay in the PCA, 20 voted to leave, 6 abstained. So, it seems that the Spirit has given us, as he has moved collectively in the members of the body, a significant mandate (86%) to stay and go forward as part of the Pacific Presbytery and the PCA.

There is much work to do in continued paths of reconciliation and renewal in many directions for us as a session of elders and as a church in being part of this presbytery and this denominational group. And that repentance and renewal will always need to start with us, as the Spirit of Christ humbles and renews us through the power of the gospel. But, more than this, please know that your pastors, staff and officers long to focus once again on fulfilling our mission to be a church for Los Angeles centering on, living out, and proclaiming the gospel of Jesus, so that Los Angeles is changed because we are in its midst. Even as I was typing that last sentence, Bill Powis, PCC’s original church planter and pastor texted me these words: We (Bill and his wife, Patty) are pleased with the peacefulness of the meeting and hopeful there will be a refocusing on Christ and lost people in LA. Amen, Pastor Bill!

I want to thank Tom Ramsey, Kathy Lovin, and Craig Paddock who made presentations on behalf of the petitioners. I want to thank Cheryl Baker, Kelley Sanford, Jerrard Heard, Fred Greco, Lloyd Kim, Sean Ozbolt, Shawn Gendall, Luke Walker, and Glyn Milburn who made presentations as well. I want to thank Barnabas Prontnicki, Frankie Mercado, Alex Scott, Tracy Thompson, Alex McKee and Bill Ingram among many others who made these meetings — virtual and in person — possible logistically. Thanks to all our elders, deacons and staff who did so much work behind the scenes to help us make this journey this summer. Thanks to the members of Pacific Presbytery who prayed and fasted on our behalf. And thanks to all of you who engaged this process at any level. I am praying fervently that the Lord will further unite us as a congregation from here, giving us paths forward in unity and fruitfulness in the gospel.

I have been struck by Churchill’s line after the conclusion of the campaign in Egypt in WWII, the first real victory of any kind for the Allies — “Now this is not the end. It is not even the beginning of the end. But it is, perhaps, the end of the beginning.” May this mark the end of our beginning in rich gospel renewal as a congregation of our Lord Jesus Christ! Amen.

Meeting #3 – August 22, 2021

This cycle of three meetings culminated with a formal congregational meeting. This meeting was held after the morning worship service, where there was to be a vote, as requested by the petition, on whether to remain affiliated with the PCA or not.

Meeting #2 – August 10, 2021

The second meeting discussed the pros and cons of remaining affiliated with the PCA.

Meeting #1 – July 20, 2021

The first meeting included a presentation from the Session on Pastor Rankin’s departure and the subsequent actions stemming from that departure by our Session, the Pacific Presbytery, and the Standing Judicial Commission of the PCA. The session also provided answers to the fourteen questions presented in the original petition.