Boxes of Love – Fighting Food Insecurity in Los Angeles

Los Angeles has 1.4 million people fighting food-insecurity. 1 in 6 people, and 1 in 4 children, in our city don’t know where their next meal will come from. Hunger in our city is real, and Boxes of Love is an opportunity to bless families with a tangible expresson of Christ’s love.  View

We the Church – Send

Pacific Crossroads Church presents its hope for redeeming our neighborhoods, Los Angeles, and the World. ‘We the Church’ send. Go forth. View

We the Church – Bryan and April

Bryan and April recount their story of receiving support, prayer, and accountability from church leaders during a trying time of their marriage as part of Pacific Crossroads Church’s ‘We the Church’ series. View

We the Church – Noah

Noah shares his story of growth and healing through his community group for Pacific Crossroads Church’s ‘We The Church’ series. View

We the Church – Nate

Nate Miller tells his story of encountering worship through songwriting and singing for Pacific Crossroads Church’s ‘We The Church’ series. View

L.A.’s Homeless Crisis

Los Angeles is facing an extreme homeless crisis. Learn how to help fight the crisis and meet the needs of the homeless population from a small group of ministry and non-profit leaders. More information can be found on our website: View

Laura Sacks

Laura shares her story of finding Jesus in the midst of crippling depression. View

Nick & Marilynn

Nick and Marilynn share their story of being a couple and facing adversity. View

Jennifer Leung

Jennifer tells her story of being baptized at Pacific Crossroads Church on June 9, 2013. View

Jamaal Adams

Jamaal Adams shares his story of coming to faith in Christ. View

Mary Nasser

Mary Nasser shares her story of faith through difficult circumstances. View