In an effort to make good resources known to congregants, we asked several people on staff to recommend gems they’ve come across in their various fields. This week, we asked the leaders of the Children and Youth Ministries to give us their book recommendations.  They said they would recommend these books to readers of all ages.

Patti Hahn – Director of Children’s Ministry



Show Them Jesus – Jack Klumpenhower

Show Them Jesus is one of the best books I’ve read on how to teach children about really understanding the gospel. Good behavior, perfect church attendance, learning all the prayers and worship songs are NOT what will transform a child’s life. Go after a child’s heart. Yes. And, in the center of that heart, we want only one thing to be shaping and molding our kids: Jesus. Jesus is what our children need to experience – truly experience – in a personal and intimate way. This is an excellent book for parents who desire to teach their children about Jesus, but are not sure how. How do you talk about sin, justification, and salvation with a Preschooler? Do not fret. At the end of each chapter there’s a “Questions You Might Be Asking” section, which helps you navigate each chapter.


Laurel Greene – Children’s Ministry Coordinator



Long Story Short – Marty Machowski

I cannot recommend the Long Story Short devotionals enough. My favorite thing about these books is that Marty focuses one day each week to connecting the section of Scripture you are studying in the Bible to the overall narrative of Jesus and how he is our Redeemer. “If you can find ten minutes a day, you can use this tool to pass on the most valuable treasure the world has ever known. Contrary to what many believe, daily family Bible study need not take a lot of time.”


Demetrius Nathan – Director of Youth



Don’t Waste Your Life – John Piper

This is a book I would not just recommend for Youth, but to all Christians. This book really lays out what is means to seek first the Kingdom of God and to live for something greater than yourself. This book helps people live their lives with a purpose that is different from this world’s.


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