Matthew Williams
Director of Staff

Matthew is a native of Colorado. Glenwood Springs, specifically, which is “world famous” for its hot springs that smell like rotten eggs and where the real Doc Holiday died. Matthew’s wife Regan is the person you are probably most familiar with because she is so awesome. You can find her working with Dave Kleinknecht leading the invisible(s) campaign. Matthew’s two boys, Jude and Jonas, are both LA natives – making them the coolest of the Williams bunch.

Matthew loves this city and this church. Why does Matthew love this church? Because it has been his family’s church home for 16 years. He loves this church because it is where he was married, his boys accepted Jesus into their hearts and were baptized, and it is the community where he has found healing and hope. Why does Matthew love this city? Because it is the most beautiful city in the world, full of amazing people all wounded and in need of a savior. Also, because Jesus LOVES cities.

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