Short-Term Mission Trips

We affirm the value and strategic importance of short-term, cross-cultural ministry. We coordinate trips to serve and work alongside our long-term mission partners, as well as with ministries of mercy around the world that work strategically with indigenous church planting movements.

Kyrgyzstan is a landlocked country in central Asia of nearly 6 million people. Travelers to Kyrgyzstan often report enjoying the great hospitality and local cuisine, not to mention Kyrgyzstan’s beautiful lakes and mountainous terrain, perfect for camping and hiking. Close to 90% of Kyrgyz identify as Muslim, though practice and understanding of Islam are low. However, recent years have seen an resurgence of Islam, with close to 3000 mosques built in Kyrgyzstan in the last 7 years.

Pacific Crossroads Church is a committed, long-term supporter of a Christian family in Bishkek, the capital. Our partner and his family spend their time ministering to married couples and families as well as church planting. In 2017, as in years past, our church has the opportunity to send several teams to Kyrgyzstan to support and strengthen our partner in the work of the Gospel.

This year’s global missions opportunities consist of several consecutive trips to Kyrgyzstan that will constitute a total of about a month of extended ministry. A few PCC families and individuals have already committed to staying in Kyrgyzstan for several weeks to oversee the arrival and transition of each PCC team.

Consider how your time and gifting can be used by God to serve across the world. The trip descriptions are listed below; we are looking not only for married couples with kids, or anyone interested in working with children, but doctors, nurses, engineers, businesspersons, artists, musicians, counselors – your skills will be put to good use in a place that doesn’t have accessibility to the resources and skills we have here at home.

Kyrgyzstan Team 1: June 22-30, 2017

Focus: Host a Marriage Seminar

Team 1 will lead a marriage seminar and help love and counsel married families in Bishkek with our long-term Kyrgyzstan partner. We are looking for several married couples. This trip will culminate in a beautiful mountain retreat.

Kyrgyzstan Team 2: June 30-July 8, 2017

Focus: Kids’ Camp

Team 2 will kick-off a three-week kids’ camp in Bishkek for the local community, many of which are not regularly involved in church events. No prior experience with children’s ministry is required, but energy, flexibility, and creativity will make this a memorable week! Everyone is welcome to join this trip.

Kyrgyzstan Team 3: July 8-15, 2017

Focus: Kids’ Camp

Team 3 will continue the three-week kids’ camp in Bishkek. A week of swimming, crafts, and stories will provide a memorable backdrop to meaningful relationships, particularly for the children. Again, all are welcome for this portion of the trip.

Kyrgyzstan Team 4: July 14-22, 2017

Focus: Kids’ Camp

Team 4 will conclude the kids’ camp in Bishkek, ending with an intentional invitation and outreach to the families of the kids attending the camp. All are welcome to join.

Kyrgyzstan Team 5: July 14-22, 2017

Focus: Men’s Backpacking Retreat

Separate from team 4, this team will lead a hiking and camping trip for men. Adventure is not optional. Hiking and backpacking experience is not required, but adequate physical condition and stamina is a must.

Applications & Resources

If you are interested in going on a short-term mission trip, please fill out an application and background check form. Applicants will not be considered for a team until all parts of the application have been received.

If you have any questions, please contact Please don’t hesitate, as trips fill up fast, and the team members for each trip begin meeting anywhere from two months to five months before the actual departure.

Fill out the forms online, or download PDFs to print and then email or mail the completed, signed copy back to us.

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