Scripture: Setting the Word of God to Music

Scripture is the new music project from PCC Worship. Its aim was to set the words of the Bible to music so that it could be meditated on.

Chris Weldon is the Director of Worship at PCC. He is overseeing the work of this project.

The phrase “learn by heart” is one we don’t use much today. It can sound quaint to our modern ears, even mindless in a rote-learning sort of way. Yet scripture calls us to commit God’s words to our hearts so that we might have life in every way (Proverbs 4:20-22). This is the aim of our new Scriptures project.

Scriptures is a growing collection of bible verses set to music, written and recorded by members of our worship team. Many of the songs are intentionally repetitive and meant to be sung along to. Some are fun and geared towards children (and even recorded by them!). Some are meant for corporate worship. Some reflect what’s currently happening in the life of our church and our teaching series.

All of them are meant to be listened to while you’re chopping your vegetables, working out, on the road, with your kids, or falling asleep. I’ve done all of that. All of the songs are available on our PCC mobile APP and soon will be available on our website – all for free. All of them are written and recorded by some of the best musicians I know. And most importantly, all are meant to be written “on the tablets of our hearts” (Proverbs 3:3).


Colin Matsco designed the cover art for the album. Here are his thoughts on what the design means to him.

This album cover was inspired by our worship leaders intentionally shaping music around passages of scripture and employing a medium where biblical promises would be easily repeatable and meditated over. In my own experience, scripture often remains stagnant when I let it stay on the page and don’t take time to reflect on it or my Father God who is the author of the words themselves, written with the purpose of having a relationship with us.

With the album art, my hope was to challenge us to look at the God and creator behind the words in Scripture. Normally we may only take time to see the printed letters in the Bible, but don’t get to see who created the letters and understand what kind of person they are.

Using the idea of a ‘Printing Press’ and ‘moveable type’, I wanted to show ‘the Printer’s’ character: a creator who is intentional, pours love into his creation, and is greater than we can imagine from what we can even read on the page. This Printer could have just carved his message of relationship and love through the letters that would be printed, a normal utilitarian approach for such work (see Johannes Gutenberg onwards). However, he takes time to carve vines and beauty into the printing blocks that won’t be seen on the printed page, and the blocks are ordered in such a way to reflect the highs and lows of music instead of being the same size. This is because this creator values beyond utility and his character is greater than we perceive.

And so, this work challenges us to root ourselves in daily scriptural reflection, so we can connect with the God behind the words on the page, who values us more than we can imagine, and sees far beyond your utility.


To download these songs, download the PCC app for free HERE.

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