This concludes our series on New Year’s Resolutions from Paul Kim. 

So many Near Year resolutions die by the wayside.  Some have given up on the whole idea.  I’d like to offer some suggestions to help us stay the course.

Get Some Accountability

Share your resolutions with a friend.  Plan to check-in with each other.  A little accountability can give that little extra “nudge” some of us may need.  My brother and I both have Fitbits, and we can see how many steps each of us has taken.  It’s silly but I have to confess, I walk and run more.

Plan for the Unexpected

That’s life.  Things happen.  So incorporate that into your plan.  For example, if we’re not in the habit of reading our Bibles every day, we may want a 5 day/week plan to give us a little buffer.

Take an Appropriate Next Step

Some of us need to learn to crawl before we run.  If we don’t have too many spiritual habits, we may want to start small.  Instead of planning to pray for 30 minutes/day, we might start with 5/minutes a day.  Instead of committing for the year, we can make a 30, 60 or 90-day commitment.  That’s okay.  For others, we may want to make the year-long commitment or even make resolutions we plan to keep indefinitely.

Remember the Goal

The goal is to see Jesus and to nurture greater love, trust and intimacy with him.  It’s not the checklist.  So if you don’t quite complete your resolution, but you’ve drawn closer to Jesus than if you had not made your resolution, then it was worth it.  That’s not a failure.  That’s something to celebrate.

As we intentionally pursue Christ, perhaps with some resolutions, we may not see a dramatic difference in a month or two.  We may not see a dramatic difference in a year.  But over 5, 10, 20 years, as we invest in habits that nurture our love and faith for Christ, we’ll be taken to a beautiful destination.  We’ll enjoy greater joy and abundance and sweeter intimacy with Christ.  It’s a life-long journey, and we can take intentional steps today.


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