Making an Impact

By Josh Geiger, Pastor

I remember 18 years ago when my wife and I began attending a new church in the Philadelphia area. Like a lot of guys in seminary, I was hoping very much that they would give me a chance to preach. “The pulpit – that’s where the action’s at! Getting to open God’s Word and share keen, life-changing insights with tens, maybe even hundreds of people. That’s what has a real impact – that’s where I want to serve!”

A few months later the invitation finally came. “Josh, we want you to serve… in the four and five year olds Sunday School class. We need someone to teach catechism to the kids and we think you’re just the guy for it.” I was surprised, and, yes, more than a little disappointed. “Me, in the children’s ministry? What are they thinking? I don’t even have kids! I’m in seminary… my keen theological insights will be meaningless to a bunch of little kids.” I accepted the invitation, but deep down I felt like I was being sidelined – taken away from where the real action was taking place.

Boy was I wrong!

It didn’t take long at all for me to realize that fielding Bible questions from four and five year olds would test the theological mettle of even the most learned pastors. I was amazed that these squirmy kids who were sometimes crawling under their desks as I taught them could repeat back to me the main points of my lesson – better than most of their parents could repeat the points of the sermon that day! These children were listening, they were learning, and their young lives were being changed. It’s been 18 years and I know some of them are still walking with Jesus today. That is impact!

So let me ask you: are you looking for a place where you can grow, and where your service will have a deep and lasting impact on the lives of others? There is no better place to serve than with the children and youth of Pacific Crossroads! You will be challenged to grow in your own faith, I promise, and you won’t find a place where hearts are more ready to receive the life-transforming good news of Jesus Christ. We have lots of opportunities to serve at both our Westside and Downtown campuses. Contact me today, or click here to get connected.

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