This continues our series on New Year’s Resolutions from Paul Kim. 

Happy New Year! It’s a time to think about what we’d like to see happen in 2018, particularly what we’d like to see happen in our relationship with Jesus. If you didn’t read it, you may want to check out last week’s blog HERE to think about our goals for our New Year resolutions.

Today, I’d like to recommend some resources:


The 5-Day Program

Gives participants the option to read the entire Bible or just the New Testament in a year, on a 5-day per week pace. Not in order.

The Navigator’s 5X5X5 Program

Partially the same as the 5-day program, but limited to the New Testament and in order.

Bible Reading Chart

Read the entire Bible at your own pace – not defined by time or milestones.

The Read Scripture App

The Bible Project, known for their overview videos of each book of the Bible, has a free Bible reading app that combines readings and those videos.



The New City Catechism is an updated, bite-sized study in Biblical doctrine in Q & A format. It’s great for both adults and children.

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