What to Expect When Serving Youth & Children

By Josh Geiger, Pastor

Our Pacific Crossroads Family staff has been busy! Many of you responded to our call and filled out the card requesting additional information about serving with our children and youth at Pacific Crossroads. We are so encouraged by your willingness to serve. (If you didn’t get a chance to fill out the card for whatever reason, it’s not too late. Fill out our volunteer application to receive more information.)

As our staff follows up with you this week you may have started wondering, “What am I getting myself into? What would it be like to actually do this? Am I up for this?” Well, I am so glad you asked! Serving with our children and youth will grow you and fill you with joy and, yes, challenge you – I know that because that’s what being part of God’s mission in the world always does. Let me try to paint you a picture.

You can expect to receive a reminder email the week before you’re assigned to serve.

You can expect to be asked to arrive 20 minutes before your class is scheduled to begin so you can pray and review classroom assignments with your team.

You can expect to meet children who are in different places in their spiritual walk – just like the adults in our church. Some of our children have been learning the Bible since their earliest days and have a great deal to say about Jesus’ work in their lives. Others are just starting to learn who Jesus is. Some have doubts; others have a deep faith. All of them need to know the saving love of God in Jesus Christ, so…

You can expect to be part of telling children about who Jesus is and what He has done for us as His people. Jesus, after all, is at the center of all of Scripture, and our ministry to children exists so that they might know Him. So, whatever role you’re in – whether you’re teaching the lesson, handing out snacks, or serving as a bathroom monitor – it’s all for the purpose of demonstrating Christ’s love in word and deed.

You can expect to experience the joy of Christ’s presence as you worship together with the youngest members of our church family.

You can expect to experience a deeper sense of community as you serve alongside other adults and get to know the youngest members of our church family.

You can expect to experience a growing passion for the mission of God as you share the life-transforming good news of Jesus Christ with the children of our church and community.

Finally, you can also expect to be tested and to make some sacrifices. Serving our children and youth will challenge you to pray, to talk about your faith, and to sometimes serve outside of your comfort zone. To serve well takes time, energy, and focus that you could give to other things. Is it easy? We try to make it as convenient as possible, but no, it’s not always easy. Is it worth it? Definitely! We serve in the Name of the Savior who gave everything to serve us. His power is actively at work transforming the lives of our children and youth, and He will be working to transform you as you serve – you can expect it!

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