The Gospel Story – Part One: The Old Testament

April 1, 2018 -

Do you want to grow in your understanding of how the Bible fits together from Genesis to Revelation? PCC is offering this online course to help you do just that.

While the Bible is known worldwide as the #1 best selling book, year after year, we also know that many Christians know little of what’s in it. We often know our favorite passages, and through our weekly preaching times, gain and grow in “new” material by the week. BUT these are “passive” activities, and leave us in “uncharted territory” as to how God’s story in the Bible fits together from Genesis to Revelation. This new online learning center provides 24/7 access to an interactive, and personally mentored, study time in God’s word.

The Big Story Workshop is a free, immersive 13-week, online course. All modules are taught by preeminent Bible scholars and involves about 2 hours of work/week.  The entire course is supplemented with individual mentorship and optional group classes.



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