At Pacific Crossroads, our mission is to gather, grow, and send disciples. The following workshops are just a few ways to grow as a disciple of Jesus. Workshops are held throughout the year. Click each workshop to learn more and check back soon to sign up.

How To Read the Bible for All It’s Worth

The Bible is the great story of how God creates and saves people for Himself. This workshop will teach you practical Bible reading strategies so that you can experience more of God’s love, presence, and power.

Click here for the Bible reading plan.

The next workshop will be held on July 16, 2016 (9:00 am-1:00 pm) at the church office. Please check back soon to RSVP.

Bible: Digging Deeper

Join us for this workshop to go deeper into interpreting narratives from both the Old and New Testament.

The Bible is a narrative of stories. This workshop will help us interpret these stories through a hands-on approach to reading the Bible. We’ll be looking at the passages in their historical context and considering how the message was being communicated to its original audience as well as how it is relevant to us today. With understanding guidelines to interpreting the narrative and digging deeper, your practice in reading the Bible will grow.

Building a Dynamic Prayer Life

Join us for this workshop to discover practical ways to build and deepen a dynamic, personal prayer life.

Finding Your Gifts and Passions

The Holy Spirit has given us each gifts and abilities we can use to serve others. This workshop helps us consider some of the particular ways God has equipped us to serve.

Faith Conversations

These workshops equip you to articulate and talk about your faith with greater confidence and clarity within the natural ebb and flow of our relationships – at work, with our friends, neighbors, family, even strangers.