What does receiving a Box of Love mean for a family?  It might be more than you think.

Over the last two weeks, we’ve given out 1,000 empty boxes to be filled with a Thanksgiving meal. We’re so thankful for those of you who are involved in this campaign and we’re excited for what God is going to do this year, through these Boxes of Love.

But you may have wondered, what does a box of food really do?

Here are three things I’ve learned through the last few years:

1. A box is a pressure reliever.
We all make choices on what we do with our resources, but working poor families often make really tough choices when it comes down to that last $50 at the end of the month: Do I buy my kid that needed pair of shoes or do I buy groceries? Should I pay that bill or should I buy food for my family? Food insecurity is real and a box of food can make a tremendous impact by providing much-needed relief.

2. A box is a gift of love.
Have you ever been given a gift by a total stranger, that made you feel special and that you are not alone? If you’ve accepted the grace of Christ, then you have. And that is what we hope to demonstrate to families all over our city this month.

3. A box is a connection to a local church or ministry.
Our Boxes of Love are given out in many ways (from being delivered to people’s homes to being given out at a fun Thanksgiving event). Almost all of these boxes are given through Christ-centered ministries with the hope that they will introduce many people to Jesus and to a local church, including our own.

But, as Lavar Burton used to say, you don’t have to take my word for it. Hear more about the impact a Box of Love can have by watching Jenna and Jill’s story.

Please bring back your filled box this Sunday! And sign up to distribute boxes on the weekend before Thanksgiving.

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