God with Us: Forever Human

We often think of Jesus putting on humanity—like a 33 year costume party—and then going back to exclusive divinity—retiring to Divinity... Read More

Daily Advent Readings

DAILY ADVENT READINGS: Join us as we dive into the Advent season, celebrating the coming of the Christ, Emmanuel, God with... Read More

God with Us

The Advent or “Coming” of Jesus at his birth fills with meaning the simple phrase “God with Us.”  Read More

Sharing the Gift of Honesty

Our ability to receive help from others is often the result of us being able to give them the “gift of honesty.” Read More

Are You There, God?

Praying in public can produce private questions or concerns for any individual, but there are rewards to encounter through praying out loud with others. Read More

Salt, Light, and Coffee

Sometimes a deep involvement in “churchy” things can be a hindrance to your relationship with God. Read More