A Sunday Afternoon

Nobody wants to give up their Sunday afternoon! But imagine how spending even one hour spreading a little hope to some homeless Angelenos can be a blessing to both parties. Read More

Why Jesus Loves Carpool Karaoke

There’s something about famous people singing in a van that compels us to watch – and that thing is a sense of genuine community. But genuine community is something that anyone can create. Read More

Being Built Together

Our “We the Church” series ends with the question: “How is God leading you to be the church?” It’s a question every member should consider. Here, two PCC elders share their own personal responses. Read More


We all have a role to play in the body of Christ, but what does that look like day-to-day? Two PCC deaconesses answer the question: “What does being a member of this community mean for you?” Read More

More Significant

We tend to deflect our need for others, but how we receive grace is as important as how we give it. The “We the Church” series continues with the question: “How has someone in this church cared for you?” Read More


We rarely have trouble spotting our weaknesses, but seeing God working in them takes alertness and humility. Some PCC leaders share how they’ve seen God loving them in their weakness. Read More

Sabbatical FAQs

Navigate some frequently asked questions about sabbaticals in general and what this season will look like at Pacific Crossroads Church while Rankin is away. Read More

Anatomy of a Pop Song: 7 Years

Look deeper into Lukas Graham’s song “7 Years” and you might find a helpful line between “résumé virtues” and “eulogy virtues” – are you striving for things of this earth, or things that will last forever? Read More