Community as an Oasis

Living in real community, face-to-face and elbow-to-elbow, is the “well in the desert” God created for us on the journey of life. Read More

Come and See!

I’ve noticed a pattern in people’s personal stories when I first meet them in Los Angeles. I’ve learned that their stories are shaped by three major life decisions: vocation, residence, and relationships. Read More


I overbook my schedule, say “yes” to too many things without thinking about rest, and generally speed through life feeling really busy.  Read More

The Step

Even for returning Angelenos it’s hard to fit into this bustling, often isolating city. Here, a member relates how joining a community group at Pacific Crossroads became the life-giving link she needed. Read More

A Community Podcast

Enjoy a half-hour podcast by Pastor Jeremy Weese, recorded to encourage and equip our leaders, as well as anyone who participates in small group ministry.  Read More

Grace and Race: My Experience from Within

In the third post of our “Grace and Race” series, José Nuñez describes sin’s violent, real-world manifestations – from during the time he was personally gripped by them, to the present, ministering to those still trapped in the cycle. Read More