A Community Podcast

Enjoy a half-hour podcast by Pastor Jeremy Weese, recorded to encourage and equip our leaders, as well as anyone who participates in small group ministry.  Read More

Grace and Race: My Experience from Within

In the third post of our “Grace and Race” series, José Nuñez describes sin’s violent, real-world manifestations – from during the time he was personally gripped by them, to the present, ministering to those still trapped in the cycle. Read More

Serving Community

Find out what it looks like to serve a community group, whether in a leadership capacity, hosting, leading worship, or connecting with newcomers.  Read More

To Retreat Or Not to Retreat?

There are one billion reasons you can think of NOT to go to the church retreat – and Christina Doe has thought of all of them. Read about how her decision to finally just go helped erase all billion excuses. Read More

Grace and Race: Our Black Brother’s Perspective

This is the second entry in our special blog series “Grace and Race.” You can read the first one here. This week, Demetrius shares his experience and the experiences of other members of our community. Being called the “N” word at age 10 opened my eyes to the fact that I was different. Especially when it’s repeated… Read More

Anatomy of a Pop Song: Piece by Piece

Dive into Kelly Clarkson’s song “Piece by Piece” and see how our past impacts our present – God makes us His daughters and sons, and promises us a future that can never be shaken. Read More

Ten Years Later: Going Back to School

Learning shouldn’t stop at college graduation. See how applying a year-long “life syllabus”, including art of every kind, not only enhances your taste in the finer things, but enriches your walk with the Lord. Read More

Grace and Race

The first in a special blog series aimed at addressing how to respond to the rampant gun violence in our nation, setting out foundational principles to engage this question in a way that honors Christ. Read More

The One Who Knocks

Sharing the Gospel can be more about closed doors than listening ears, but persistence can still bring blessings. Walking the mean streets of London, this missionary couple have the tales to prove it. Read More