No Kids Table

In God’s house, there’s not a separate children’s table off to the side. Read More

Four Words for 2017

Every January we have a Mission and Vision Sunday where I lay out my dreams for what I hope and pray God will do among us in the coming year. This past Sunday, I used four words to frame my hopes for our community in 2017. Read More

State of the Church

In a transient city like Los Angeles, history is rare. A new billboard goes up over an old billboard. A neighbor moves away. Your favorite restaurant is torn down for a new one. But churches are meant to serve as constants, and the body of Christ is meant to endure. Read More

A Letter to the Pacific Crossroads Congregation

Members of Pacific Crossroads Church, This past Sunday, you heard David Cobia’s sermon entitled “New Rhythms for a New Year.” In the spirit of that message, we are excited to share with you all some important new rhythms and organizational structures we are implementing to better serve our community and city. Read More

The Community I Longed For

It’s a new year, and with the new year comes resolutions!  Maybe finding community is one of them. I want to share a little of my story about finding community when I first moved to LA. Read More

Spiritual Health: Making and Keeping New Year’s Resolutions

By Rankin Wilbourne, Lead Pastor – originally published in December 2015.  “Resolved: To read the Bible each day and remind myself to listen to my Father’s voice instead of listening to my own.” Maybe you’re one of those people who makes New Year’s resolutions every year. If you’re not, it has always struck me that… Read More